26 thoughts on “Întâlnire cu lumea vegetală în Grădina Botanică (Cluj-Napoca) ♥

  1. Such beautiful photo Camelia ~ you fit is so well in this garden, beautiful and so naturally stunning. There is something so peaceful about spending time in a garden and taking in all the wonders it has to offer. These are the oasis and magical places to often return to in life 🙂

    1. Oh, in sooth! Places like this one where the nature expresses all its splendor simply make me feel light as a feather; no worries, no problems, no badness, just purity. Thanks for your kind words! 🙂

    1. Ah, thank you, dear Annie! 🙂 I got used being around nature, but I know what you mean. Sometimes, when I’m travelling or I have to stay in a place a long time because I should study, for example, I become limpness. A single flower or a tree has the miraculous power to give us a little vivacity. 😀

  2. I love these pictures of you Camelia! Have you had a new hair cut? You look so fresh and youthful in this hair do, I really love it!
    Last summer my hairdresser cut my hair way too short, BUT I ended up loving my new bob, there is something ‘free’ about having short hair I think!!
    I enjoy all your heavenly images as usual. Your posts always lighten up my day… 🙂

    Vivienne X

  3. Thank you so much! It means a lot to me! ^_^ About my hair, there are no changes, it just started to grow that way. After it will grow a little longer, I will have a new shape. I noticed that too, having short hair is so comfortable! By the way, your haircut looks pretty, it fits you very well! 😀

    1. Mulţumesc! Mă bucur că ţi-am stârnit interesul. 🙂 Cred că primăvara când e acea explozie de culoare şi parfum va fi cel mai frumos să o vizitezi. Eu mă voi muta în Cluj în timpul studenţiei şi deja prevăd mai multe plimbări pe acolo pentru linişte şi încântare. ^_^

  4. Cat de minunat arata gradina botanica!!! <3 O sa o trec pe lista in caz ca ajung pe la Cluj!!
    Imi place cum ti-au iesit pozele. Ai surprins niste lucruri frumoase care iti dau o stare de bine iar zambetul tau este deja bonus. 😀

    1. Oh, mersi mult, Simona! ^_^ Ei bine, când treci prin Cluj, grădina e unul dintre obiectivele centrale de vizitat neapărat. Îți recomand, dacă poți veni, să o explorezi primăvara. 🙂

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