A super-salad

This morning I opened my eyes and was greeted with a beautiful day. The chubby robins that live in the trees out front were chirping and the sky was big and blue and punctuated with cotton ball clouds. This is the time of year to add a bit of flash and color to your food. The skies are low-hanging and weepy. The days are short, getting shorter.

It’s time for a super-salad! A salad is one of my favorite meals; light, crunchy, sweet and tangy flavors exploding in your mouth, and always easy on the digestion.

Sometimes I open the refrigerator,and I end up with something off-beat and special. No special trip to the store, and no over-thinking ingredient or flavor combinations. I like putting ingredients together in ways I’ve never tried before, and sometimes having limited choices is exactly the nudge I need in that direction. I think that’s what happened here.

For this simple salad I used fresh lettuce, tomatoes, creamy cheese, red pepper and a little lemon juice.picture-1363 picture-1362So here we are. It’s a simple lunch idea blossomed into something unexpected and wonderful – electric colors, punchy dressing, everything super fresh and filling. Served family-style as part of a larger spread, it’d be perfect. As it turns out, it’s also a great lunch for a trip.

Salads are a refreshing accompaniment to any meal. I love my salads colorful with lots of texture.

I hope you all had a nice weekend – I have to say, it’s days like today that I really love where I live. It’s pretty great.

11 răspunsuri la “A super-salad”

  1. Initiator ;-) spune:

    hmmm..Salaad is a great for health..!

  2. dalo2013 spune:

    The salad looks so healthy…and delicious. Nice photos too!

  3. lmjapan spune:

    I have to admit I’m not much of a salad eater but the first salad looks scrumptious. Especially with that creamy cheese.

  4. Rexy spune:

    Looks simply and yet delicious! will definitely give it a try.


  5. Your photos are just gorgeous! Nice to meet you.

  6. aearthr spune:

    I’m planning to try substitute some of my meals to salads. Your post really inspires me!

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